Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC®)

CBIC President's Message

President’s Message December 2018

2018 has flown by and it is hard to believe that it is coming to a close.  I have been pleased to share my Presidency with the 35th anniversary of the CIC®. It has been a busy and engaging year. As this is my last official newsletter, I’d like to mention some of the events of the year and the progress that CBIC has made as we look forward to 2019.

Test Development

The 2018 Test Committee was extremely busy this year working on test development.  I would like to heartily express my thanks to all Board members and volunteers who participated in the test development workshops including; Item Writing, Item Review, Item Referencing, and the Form Review meetings. These efforts are huge undertaking and individuals give freely of their time to diligently improve the CIC examination at every touch point. I can’t say thank you enough to these subject matter experts for their participation.

Organizational Summit

This fall, CBIC, APIC, and IPAC Canada met together at the annual Organizational Summit on Certification. These annual meetings allow for the three partners in certification to investigate commonalities in advancing competency and assessing the future of certification. CBIC looks forward to continued progress in the coming year.

Strategic Planning

The CBIC Board of Directors also engaged in a Strategic Planning retreat this fall to envision the next three years. Strategic planning really is an opportunity to think critically and creatively about all the potential growth and development that can occur in the future. Be assured that exciting plans are underway to surpass prior years and make improvements in the website, test development, and growing the value of the CIC®.

2019 Board of Directors

I would like to welcome the CBIC President Roy Boukidjian and the President-Elect Linda Goss to their new leadership roles in 2019.  CBIC is in good hands for the future! We are also happy to extend a welcome to two new members of the Board of Directors, Frank Nemec MD, CIC and Evelyn McKnight (Consumer Director).  It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Jo Henman who is the Immediate Past President Jo has served the Board as President, Test Committee Chair, and many other roles during her term of service.  I will miss her greatly.  Additionally we thank Steve Langan who has been CBIC’s Consumer Director for six years and eloquently speaks on behalf of patients and families and reminds us of the harm that can occur in healthcare.

Gratitude for 2018

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude and congratulations to all who proudly support the CIC®. We know that certification translates into greater safety for patients.   The Certification in Infection Control and Epidemiology CIC® is valuable across practice settings whether it be long term care, outpatient endoscopy, dialysis, ambulatory care, or inpatient acute care.

It has been my pleasure to serve this year as the CBIC President for 2018 and to work with each of you to pursue certification. I am grateful for the support of the Board members, volunteers, and CBIC staff. I continue to challenge to make a difference every day in the lives of those we are charged to protect.